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Apples are Full of Amazing Qualities

Good fruit Good health

Fruits are one of nature’s most invaluable health blessings, which cannot be denied. Continuous experience has shown that fruits act as a shield against epidemics and boost the body’s immune system. There is an undeniable source of fruit. There is a hidden power in the nutrition of fruits to cure diseases which cannot be achieved by any other means.

The sweetness of the fruit is the sweetest way to quench the thirst and when it comes to the healthy taste of the healthy fruit, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of the delicious fruit like the apple, about which it is very common to say, Eat an apple daily and stay away from the doctor.

“Nutritionists have proven through study that this is not just a legend, but a fact.

People who eat an apple without any hesitation. Health begins to be reflected in their face. Eating an apple everyday not only rises the physical but also the mental strength to an extraordinary level. This is why botanists consider the nutrition of apples to be the most important component for health. Apple is not only a fruit but it is also the best food and its taste depends on its use.

Apples have different flavors and varieties.

Historical Background of Apples:

No one can say how long the apple has been used as a fruit around the world, but it is said that its first non-romantic name was “Sow Curb”. Botanists gave it a musical name. Malus Sylvestris. Diya. In Hindi and Urdu it is called “apple”. The ancestral home of this wonderful fruit is Europe. Today apples are cultivated in many parts of the world.

Large varieties of apples are still found in the Himalayas. Apples are widely grown in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. Introduced in Shimla by McAlexander Coates in 1887. Apples thrive in areas where it is cold and snowy. For 70 days. It requires a temperature of 40F and is typically grown above sea level in India over an area of ​​1660 to 2300 meters.

They are mostly grown in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, the Koloki Valley and the Kamaon Hills (found in the Northern Hemisphere). They are also grown in the tropical hills of the southern part of India, such as the Bangalore Nile. Apples are a delicious fruit grown all over the world. Pakistan is a lucky country in that it has the best fruits in the world.

Red and pink apples are available throughout the year. Production of golden apples is also on the rise in Pakistan, which is very popular in every special and general. The prices of apples fluctuate depending on the season. However, it is true that different types of apples can be used in all seasons and are used all over the world.

Types of Apples:

Apple is considered to be the only fruit in the world which has been discovered in more than one and a half thousand varieties in almost every country.

There is an amazing difference in the color, taste and nutrition of all these types. There are many types of apples available, especially the ones from which different things are made. When apples are cut and cooked, the jam ‘Jelly’ comes in the form of marmalade and apple sauce. Golden apples are great for baking. Sour apples are great for making jams while red sweet apples are good for eating.

Apples available in the market in early summer are especially good in apple sauce as they are juicy. Embry apples are the most common type in Kashmir. They are oval in shape with long and bright red color. They have a very pleasant aroma and are not acidic. Red Delicious variety is also grown in Kashmir. This type of apples have a shorter storage age as they start to spoil in a short time. ۔

A large number of apples are available in the market which are sufficient to meet different needs. Some of the many varieties available in Pakistan are exported commercially. The type of this fruit depends on its size, shape and color. Its shape ranges from pear-shaped apples to whole round apples. Its colors are available in bright green, golden, yellow, dark red to pink red colors.

Its varieties are hard crunchy and juicy soft. Many varieties are excellent for cooking and preserving. Sweet apples are also used as an excellent dessert.

Nutrition of Apples:

According to nutritionists, a single apple contains enough phosphorus to meet the immediate needs of the human body. Apple peels contain a wealth of vitamin C, which helps maintain a young age. It has the status of an elixir to keep.

One-half of an apple is solid with sugar and protein and the rest is water. A juicy, sweet and ripe apple covers 80% water, which covers all the energy-rich vitamins and minerals. Apples contain the highest amount of vitamin A. The presence of vitamins B, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin also distinguishes apples from other fruits.

Starch ‘steel’ proteins give strength to the body. Apples contain 0.3 mg of steel which makes up for the lack of red blood cells. This calorie-rich fruit is also a treasure trove of certain mineral salts that play an important role in the development of the body’s cellular system. The fruit contains a fiber called pectin, which improves the digestive system.

Raw apples are also a low-calorie snack or dessert. A medium-sized apple has 70 calories. Like other fruits, apples also contain vitamins and minerals. Apple juice is rich in vitamin C. Peels are high in fiber which helps the apple to become a blood component. Nutritionists consider apples to be a mentally healthy fruit.

This fruit can refresh the depressed and depressed people. The important point regarding the nutrition of apples is that apples contain acidic substances which produce the best in the liver functions. Apples are a magical medicine for the elderly as large amounts of phosphorus relieve joint pain and at the same time the ingredients of apples have healing power in eliminating harmful substances accumulated in the blood.

However, sour-tasting apples are not helpful for patients.

Apples as Medicine:

Scientists recommend apples for dry cough, loss of appetite and thinness. Daily use of apples can defend against diseases. After modern experiments, it is considered necessary to drink water immediately after eating apples. It is important to avoid because the presence of water in the stomach is a burden on the digestive system.

This can cause stomach pain and even if you eat only apples on an empty stomach, it can cause the same kind of pain. Therefore, apples are generally considered to be the cause of stomach ache, but the best time to eat apples is for breakfast. An hour later or after lunch, while eating an apple before going to bed is not very useful. People who eat an apple a day are showing signs of extraordinary improvement in their overall health.

Unlike the average person, they do not suffer from any kind of flu or seasonal fever whereas in the past they were suffering from similar diseases. People who eat apples daily have a reasonable increase in the amount of red blood cells in their blood which there is also a reason for boosting the body’s immune system. One of the uniqueness of apples is that they are the only fruit that has the highest amount of flavonoids.

According to a study, we can get 70% of flavonoids from apples. Flavonoids are naturally found in some unique plants. Flavonoids prevent red blood cells from sticking to each other and forming clots. These harmful substances prevent oxidation, which in turn protects the arteries from constriction. Apple is such an excellent fruit that provides the body with a strong shield against deadly diseases.

The use of apples is very beneficial to the bones of the body. Its use increases memory power, memory is sharpened. Sweet apples, regular use of apples eliminates chronic cough. Apples increase appetite, strengthens the stomach. Apples are useful in fever. The use of apples quenches the thirst. Apples should always be eaten with peels. Every weakness of the brain is removed.

If two and a half towels of apple leaves are used repeatedly, the body’s acidic and toxic substances are automatically eliminated. Stomach worms are very harmful to health. If someone has worms in his stomach, he should be fed apples. If a person suffers from Molecule disease, he should eat sweet apples every morning and evening. The disease will disappear. If there is pain in any part of the body, grind fresh apples well and apply it on the sore spot. Will

Leprosy is a contagious disease. If apple cider vinegar is used, leprosy can be cured. The trick is to take four tolas of apple juice and mix four tolas of sheep’s milk in it. Heat it and take it off and filter it only with a cloth. Give this medicine to the patient daily in the morning and evening. The leprosy will disappear. During this treatment, feed the patient a mixture of wheat and barley bread as food and avoid sour things. In this way leprosy will be cured.

A recent study has shown that apple pulp contains antiseptic ingredients that kill dental diseases and kill germs in the mouth. Not only that, but also the shine of the teeth and the health of the gums. The amazing elements of apples play an significant role.

Apple Selection:

According to nutritionists, eating apples with peels is very useful.

This is why caution is needed when buying apples. Bacteria thrive in apples with stained, cracked, peeled apples. Choose apples with clean, smooth and shiny peels that don’t look too ripe or ripe. When buying raw apples, make sure that they are good quality apples. They have the best taste and texture.

Of course, buy less apples, but whenever you buy, buy good and stain-free apples.

Saving Apples:

Only the best apples should be stored. Use the apples early, otherwise they will be stained and infested with worms or they will turn black after cutting. Lightly raw apples can be stored for two weeks and Keep them at 60 or 70 degrees.

Lightly raw apples can be refrigerated for a week or more. Store them in something that does not contain moisture, such as polythene bags. Fruits also need air circulation. Polythene bags have a small mouth. Keep the apples open or make a couple of small holes, or wrap the apples in paper wrappers and store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for weeks.

This will keep them dry and will keep the apple’s nutrition, taste and aroma fresh.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this article helpful. You can read more of my articles here and can find me on pinterest here.

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